Don’t Let your Child be The Next Sextortion Victim: Install Parental Monitoring Software for Cellphones

With the growing demand for smartphones among children, it has become easy for sexual predators to find victims and as a precaution, many have turned to parental monitoring software for iPhones or any Android device. While most children would think that their parents are overstepping the boundaries of their privacy, parents only want to keep them safe from becoming victims of child abuse.

How Sexual Predators Prey on Your Children

  1. Oftentimes, online predators pretend to be youngsters and would befriend your kids and gain their trust. They would use online gaming apps and social networking sites in choosing their victims as children frequent these sites.
  2. After gaining your child’s trust, they would feed on their curiosity for nudity and sex and groom them.
  3. Soon after, they will solicit sexual photos and videos and even physically harm your child.

Imagine the trauma your child would have getting victimized by these criminals. You wouldn’t want your child to be included in the increasing statistics of suicide and depression.

How to Protect your Child

There are many ways to combat these virtual sex offenders, but the most convenient way for a parent is to monitor the phone activities of their children. You can make sure that your child is free from child abuse. That is the beauty of spy applications as you don’t have to be physically with your children always, you can just observe and protect them from afar.

Other than using the phone’s internal parental control, an amazing spy app such as Auto Forward would be of great use when it comes to monitoring your child’s phone. It comes from a reputable source and has reliable features. It allows parents to track text messages, iMessages, calls, and importantly, monitor social media activities. 

Sexual predators linger on social media sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and others. With Auto Forward Spy, parents would be able to see things shared and posted by their children on these platforms. If there are any violence, sex and nudity, and themes not suitable for their children that are shared, parents can remotely block and uninstall these apps. Likewise, it allows you to see the web sites visited with addresses and time spent on the website. These details could greatly help you in reporting to the proper authorities.

You might think that spy apps are complicated and protecting your child from online sex offenders is a job for police officers. Think otherwise. Auto Forward Spy is simple and easy to use and not to mention it is compatible with all devices, may it be Android or iOS.

Dealing with Privacy

With parents using a spy app on their children’s phones, it sparks questions on privacy and trust. Well, as no parent would want to have their children preyed on by evildoers online and becoming victims of child abuse, it is justifiable to monitor their children’s mobile phones. Combined with proper education and guidance and Auto Forward Spy, parents can have peace of mind when it comes to their children’s safety online.

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