Who Is Calling Me? I Couldn’t Believe What I Saw With Digital Security

If you’ve ever asked yourself, who is texting me? Who is calling me? And who is at my front door? You’re not alone. You don’t have to own a home in order to have home security. There are lots of security systems available for renters that include plug and play or battery operated cameras so that you don’t need to run wires or damage walls to install them.

New Apartment Woes

When I moved into a new apartment recently I had a terrible time getting my mail. The apartment building had individual mailboxes for small mail items like letters, but packages were either accepted at the office or left outside of the individual apartments. I order a lot of items online from places like Amazon and packages just stopped showing up. I was calling Amazon so often to complain about packages not arriving. And worst part? They were marked as delivered so often I had to fight to get items replaced that didn’t show up or I would get a refund and have to order the items again.

I was fed up. The apartment office staff kept telling me that they didn’t receive any packages for me so I knew the packages must be getting left at my door. I didn’t want to believe that one of my new neighbors was stealing my packages but that seemed to be the only answer to why my packages kept going missing.


Made The Right Decision

So I set up a home security system designed for apartment dwellers. I put one camera facing the outside of the door so it would catch anyone coming to my door on camera. And then I ordered a new cell phone and some other items from Amazon. When I was alerted that the items were out for delivery I made sure the camera was running and waited.

Sure enough, I caught someone stealing my items. The camera recorded the mail carrier dropping off two packages outside my door, stacked neatly against the door. And not even five minutes later a door down the hall opened and a teenager emerged. He walked stealthily up to my door, took the packages and disappeared back into the apartment down the hall. I was furious.

The Proof is in the Technology

Since I had the entire event on camera I was able to show the apartment manager the footage on my phone and prove that someone was stealing my packages. The apartment manager was able to identify who the person was on camera stealing my items and I called the police and filed a report. But I also told my apartment manager that I expected him to give us more secure facilities to get our packages.

Security Cameras are the Way to Go

After catching the thief on camera, I saw how easy it was for people to steal packages. Management installed new large lockboxes in the mailroom so that packages were put into secured locked boxes. Do these losers think that stealing packages is some kind of sport? My packages stopped disappearing and the thieves were evicted from the building. But without my security cameras I would never have found out what was happening to my stuff. Now if I can only find out who is calling me too, I’d definitely feel more secure.