Smart Cameras And Other Safety Tools For Kids At Home Alone


With kids going back to school many parents will be scrambling for ways to keep their older kids safe. Kids who are old enough to stay at home alone still need to have some supervision. Smart door locks, cameras, and camera doorbells are all tools that parents should install. In this day and age were technology is so easy to manipulate, it’s good to have tech that works for you.

Smart Door Locks

If you have kids you should install smart door locks. Even if your kids are older they can and probably will lose their keys or forget them at some point. Smart door locks are very secure but you don’t need a physical key to open them. You can open them with a smartphone app or with a fingerprint or in some cases.

By installing smart door locks you won’t have to worry about your kids getting locked out of the house because they forget a key. And you can check in on them and makes sure that the doors are locked by checking the app on your smartphone when you’re at work. It will give you and your kids peace of mind.

Video Door Bell

Another safety feature you should absolutely have is a video doorbell. Video doorbells are inexpensive and easy to install. They record anyone coming up to your door and your kids can see who is at the door.

If someone who shouldn’t be there does come to the door you will be able to see it on your smartphone and you can even answer the door vocally through the app on your phone so that no one will know you aren’t in the house. A simple video doorbell can go a long way towards keeping kids safe at home. And if you often get packages delivered you will be able to keep an eye on your packages.

Smart Security Cameras

Smart security cameras are a good idea for you as well as to protect your kids. With smart security cameras, you can keep the camera up on your phone at all times. Since it’s so easy and affordable to do a mailing address lookup. Just don’t tell them that you’re going to be watching or they will be sure to stay off camera as much as they can. If you are worried about your kids staying home at home alone after school even though you know they are old enough to stay alone these cameras and security gear can give you a little extra peace of mind.