Summer Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know


Summertime is relaxing for kids but it can be stressful for parents. Parents just want to keep their kids safe and injury free. Without forcing them to skip all the summer activities that they look forward to all year. With summers getting hotter every year there are some updated summer safety tips for kids that all parents should know. These tips include wearing sunscreen, drinking plenty of water, taking naps and packing an emergency bag. Make sure your child is prepared whether they are at camp, or you are all going to a beautiful travel destination. Enjoy your summer, but stay safe following these important tips:


summer safety tips
Stay Hydrated When Under The Scorching Sun

Sunscreen Every Day Is A Must

Your kids must wear sunscreen, especially young kids. Sunscreen now comes in deodorant style sticks, creams, and sprays as well as lotions. So no matter what type of texture your child prefers there is a sunscreen that they will use. Remember that sunscreen needs to be reapplied during the day. In order to get your kids used to put on sunscreen have them put it on when they brush their teeth in the morning. 

Water Or Sugar-Free Sports Drinks Are Essential

Kids who are out riding bikes, playing in the park, or enjoying other summer activities can be dehydrated very quickly. Especially in the intense heat of July and August. Make sure that your kids have plenty of bottled water or sugar-free sports drinks with them when they go out to play. So that they will stay hydrated. I would give children plain water since that is the most hydrating. 

Naptime Is A Smart Idea

Even older kids can get worn out by the heat. And the kids should really be inside during the hottest part of the day from around 3-5 in the afternoon. Tell your kids to come home in the late afternoon for a few hours. Have then nap, watch movies or play games indoors where it’s cooler. This way you can hack Facebook messages to make sure they aren’t doing anything inappropriate this summer. 

summer safety tips
Have Your Child Bring A Backpack

Emergency Backups Are A Good Idea

If your kids are going to be alone a lot during the summer, make sure that they know where to go if they have an emergency. And make sure there is more than one neighbor, a friend, or relative they can go to or call if they need to. Program those emergency numbers into their phones and write them on a notepad. You could also tape a note to the fridge in case they don’t have their phones. This is very important in terms of summer safety tips.

Pack A Go Bag

Smart parents with active kids pack go backs or backpacks for their kids in the summer. Each bag should have the child’s name and your phone number on the inside in case it gets lost. Put a small first aid kit, clean socks, a change of clothes, sunscreen, and a swimsuit. You might also want to put a battery operated phone charger in there too so your child always has access to a charger. If you enjoyed these summer safety tips, check out my last post about strangers giving Alexa and Siri instructions