The Best Rappers of 2017

Like most music fans, I appreciate a good list of top artists or songs. The one question that many hip-hop and rap fans enjoy debating is who the best rapper alive is. For a while, it was Tupac. Many conspiracy theorists would say he’s still the best rapper, because they believe he’s still alive. Then, it was Eminem, then Lil Wayne, and now, who knows? There are a lot of great rappers out there today, as well as a lot of bad ones who still somehow end up on the radio. These days, there is a hip-hop station in just about every city in America. Some common themes in a lot of rap songs are partying, recognizing the signs of a cheater, and even occasional political awareness.

Listening to the radio is one way to see who the popular rappers are. But, the best rappers aren’t always on the radio. Instead, a lot of rap fans talk to their friends, keep an eye out for new music on Spotify, and do some research on the Internet. That being said, there are still some rappers today that stand out about the rest.

Best Rappers of 2017


Drake has been around for a while now. He became popular when I was still in high school, almost ten years ago. His newest record, called “More Life,” received exceptional reviews from critics. Some of the most popular tracks on it include Passionfruit and Free Smoke. Drake’s released an album each of the past few years, which has certainly helped him continue to hone his craft and lyric-writing. Many of his songs cover different aspects of relationships, such as signs of a cheater and moving on from an ex.

Drake come onto the scene when the autotune sound was becoming popular again, and he pioneered it into something even more. He’s pretty much trademarked trademarked it at this point. Other rappers that have come onto the scene since then have adopted a similar sound, whether they realize it or not.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick is an absolute favorite among hip-hop fans right now. Talk to any serious fan of rap and Kendrick Lamar is going to be near the top of their list. He released his first album in 2010; now, Kendrick has five of the most streamed songs of 2017. Since his debut, he’s become one of the best rappers in the world due to his lyrics. Some of them lean towards gangster rap, while others are social commentaries. Unlike Drake, he doesn’t cover relationship issues, such as discovering the signs of a cheater, as often.

Chance the Rapper


Chance is the newest rapper on the list. He was awarded a Grammy this year and even performed at the show. He’s collaborated with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz, plus he was featured on Kanye West’s last album. While he quickly burst on the scene, it may seem strange to place him on a list of the greatest rappers alive. But it’s not about the quantity of music – it’s about the quality. I believe that the quality of Chance’s work makes him worthy of being included in this list.

Of course, there are people who would include rappers like Lil Wayne, Dr. Dre, or Eminem in this list. But Lil Wayne drank too much lean, Dr. Dre is more of a producer, and Eminem isn’t putting out work like he used to. So, I truly consider Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Chance the Rapper to be some of the greatest rappers alive. If you disagree, feel free to tell me! You can contact me here.