The Top 5 Sports Movies

There are tons of people out there who love sports movies, including myself. I know a good one when I see one, and the truth is, there haven’t been many lately. Nowadays, people are hyped about superhero and horror films, or dramas like Fifty Shades of Grey. There isn’t really room for powerful, impactful sports movies now. Some of them had moments where characters had to catch a cheater on the team, or their coach gave an inspiring speech. These scenes always touched my heart.

If you’re a fan of sports movies, at least you have plenty to choose from. From football to soccer, to rugby and basketball, there are all kinds. Some of these movies have more drama, while others are very comedic. But the one thing that all of them have in common is uniting people who love sports.

So, what are the best sports movies out there? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Best Sports Movies

Remember the Titans

Many sports films feature football.
Football is one of the most popular sports in films.

This is my favorite sports movie of all-time. It’s set during the civil rights movement and stars Denzel Washington as a football coach. He takes over the head coaching job at a high school that was just desegregated. The film is a powerful piece of social commentary because it takes place during an era where issues like racism and discrimination were at the forefront. Remember the Titans also has a heavy emphasis on football itself; the viewer experiences everything from training camp to the team’s road to a state title. It’s definitely one of the best sports films out there.


Rotten Tomatoes give Invictus a 76% rating. This film takes place in South Africa, where Nelson Mandela joins up with a rugby player (Matt Damon) to help unite their heavily divided society that had been plagued by the country’s apartheid policies. Invictus follows the successes of the rugby team, called the Springboks, as they go on to win in the finals. There’s no sign of needing to catch a cheater here – all of the players are confident in their skills and determined to win. The film’s title is the Latin term for “undefeated” or “unconquered,” and this film lives up to its name.

Coach Carter

In Coach Carter, Samuel L. Jackson’s character takes over a high school basketball team. He has to both coach and parent the players, many of whom don’t have a strong role model in their lives. And at least one of them has a father in jail. The expectations for the players – both inside and outside the gym – are pretty low. Most of the school’s faculty seem alright with the idea that the players aren’t going to make it to college or be successful in life after high school. Coach Carter, however, doesn’t like the idea of having to catch a cheater or giving up on them. So, he does everything he can to guide them to success.


Hoosiers is another high school basketball movie, following a high school basketball team in small-town Indiana. Gene Hackman stars as the coach, whose style is wrought with controversy; it’s not always approved of by the players or other town residents. If you haven’t seen it yet, this is another great sports story that’s worth a watch.

The Longest Yard

There are two versions of The Longest Yard. The newest one is well-made, and stars everyone from Adam Sandler to Nelly to Michael Irvin. This is one of those sports movies that focuses just as much on comedy as it does on the actual story, with success. It’s another must-watch.

If you’ve never seen any of these films, you should give them a shot, especially if you’re a big sports fan! They really emphasize the importance of teamwork and how to catch a cheater who may not be using ethical tactics.