Top Features of the Best iPhone Monitoring Software

Technology has always driven our species forward, to the point that the majority of men cannot live without the technological wonders we take for granted, like mobile devices, and free cell phone spy monitoring without the target phone. And, of course, with the rise of the level of technology that we have, there is a corresponding rise in digital crimes and wrongdoings related to the internet and mobile access to it in the past 20 or so years.

Children have been the focus of many of the cyber-crimes in the last few years, including cyber-bullying, cyber-stalking, catfishing, and others. There are plenty of digital dangers as well, aside from the crimes just mentioned. These include online predators which may spill onto texts and calls. This led to the creation and development of monitoring apps for the iPhone. These are undetectable apps that can access the iPhone even without it being at the hands of the app user. There are a lot of features that the apps have. However, the best monitoring apps have most of the features that users find extremely useful. Here are some of them.

Features of The Best iPhone Monitoring App.

  1. SMS tracking – This is a feature that is very useful for parents since most communication, and information, that goes on between kids is through text. The best monitoring apps, such as Auto Forward Spy, can access all incoming and outgoing text messages to make sure that kids are not being targeted by bullies and predators. And yes, Auto Forward can access the deleted messages.
  2. Social media tracking – The top monitoring apps usually lets the user see all the posts that the target phone has made on social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and others. They can also access the instant messages of those social media sites, much like how it accesses text messages. This ensures that there the owner of the target iPhone does not engage in inappropriate and potentially dangerous activities on social media and direct messages.
  3. Access to web history – This feature lets the user have access to the phone’s web history and see every website visited and how often the website is visited. Plus, many apps like Auto Forward can let the user block sites deemed to be dangerous or promotes unproductive behavior, making it useful for both parents and business owners.
  4. Geolocation and GPS tracking – A very important tool for business and parenting use. This lets the licensee see the current and previous locations of the phone. With Auto Forward, this feature is accurate to about 50 feet of the target, making it one of the most precise tracking app in the market. This promotes the safety of the phone user as well as making the business compliant with employee safety regulations.

Auto Forward Spy has plenty of other features that are quite useful to its users. And that’s on top of an easy-to-use interface and an easy, one-time payment for the lifetime license and subsequent updates. Head over to our website right now and see what we are all about.