What To Take Away From Netflix’s The Babysitter

For the past few years, Netflix has been killing it with their original shows and movies. So when they recently released The Babysitter, a new original movie, I immediately sat down and watched it. I have a weakness for cheesy horror movies and it was right up my alley. While watching it, all I could think about was how the main character’s babysitter, Bee, had to have some criminal records. Why on Earth did Cole’s parents hire her? There had to be some warning signs. Obviously The Babysitter is an over-the-top horror/comedy film, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any problems with it.

Too Implausible

This may seem like a ridiculous critique for a campy movie. But in my opinion, The Babysitter is too implausible. Maybe it would have been easier to believe if the story took place back in the 80’s or something. I just can’t believe that Bee would have been hired in the first place, considering how easily we can access background checks and criminal records nowadays. There had to be some sign that Cole’s parents could have picked up on, but no. It’s hard to fix stupidity, I guess.

Good Concept, Bad Execution

I personally love the idea of an “evil babysitter.” Additionally, I think you can never go wrong with including a cult in a scary movie. I thought it was executed poorly in The Babysitter, though. Bee is not only a devil worshipper, but she has an entire group of faithful underlings who are ready to kill for her at a moment’s notice? Please. That was just ridiculous. Gremlins is another horror/comedy film that rides that fine line of scary and campy, but actually succeeds. While I’m not saying that The Babysitter should be on the same level of greatness as a classic like Gremlins, it could have been better.


Netflix original series like Stranger Things, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Orange Is the New Black have seen an incredible amount of success. Unfortunately, its original programming has had some misses with Sense8, Fuller House, and now, The Babysitter. I’d skip out on this one. And parents, make sure to check your babysitter’s criminal records before you let them watch your kids. Also, if you’re looking to get into some new music, be sure to read my last article about the best rappers of 2017.